About US


Amelleon was founded on Dec 2015 by Tony and Simon as the joint venture of SimpleTravel. As IT professional, Tony and Simon were used to travel a lot all over the world  to support different customers. During the trip, they realised using good travel gear which might help to make traveling easy, breezy, and totally stress-Free. 

Here is a story told by Tony: "I remembered the embarrassing situation back ten year ago, when I headed to my hometown for seasonal holiday. The luggage which I probably put too much stuff, break up on the spot in airport. I couldn’t put all personal belonging scattered everywhere back. The only way I  did is to ask a stranger to watch the broken luggage. so I could go to the closest store to get the new luggage to replace the broken one.  What awkward is!

Since then, I realized the poor quality gear with your travel could ruin your entire jounery, I am so obsessed and put a lot energy to test all kinds of  different products from wallet, bag, pack, etc,  There are the common things for all those different kind of travel product, which are giving the reliability and confidience to use them, and make you life much easier on the road"

 Amelleon is dedicated to design and manufacture the top quality travel gear, accessories, and packing solutions.  It offers casual and professiona gear for travel or daily use. The most important feature is lightweight, slim, simple.

At Amelleon, we are designing the sloution to help you carry your daily essentials. When you have the right things on hand, it becomes easier to adapt between work and life's adventures. From your morning commute to a tropical downpour, our products let you roam more freely.

We are chewing through ideas and thrashing out concepts, we searched for the magic insight that would transform how we carry our everyday things. We brought together some talented friends, set up Amelleon, and threw ourselves deep into carry geekery.